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Dollar Digitals Club (premium membership)

Introducing “Dollar Digitals Club”, the premium membership.

Premium Members receive access to:

  • all of the designs by Marcy Coate that are sold at DollarDigitals.com
  • early access to new designs by Marcy Coate (before release to the general public)
  • exclusive designs created for Premium Members only
  • priority *design request* status (member requests for new designs receive the highest priority)
  • free access to training & tutorials that normally require payment PLUS exclusive content that is not yet available to the public
  • private tutoring & advice for your design business/hobby via our private members area & our private Facebook group

The  value of the designs alone is over $350 (and growing).

Yet our Premium Membership costs only $33* per year (that’s less than $3 per month). Billing is NOT renewed automatically, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises such as an overdrawn or over limit account! When your membership expires you will be offered a renewal, and you can decide whether or not you want it. It’s that simple!

Want access? Click here now…

*PRE-LAUNCH PRICE (this price will go up once we fully launch)