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Pretty Hole Reinforcements for Tags, etc.

I wanted to make some hole protectors for my tags, but I don’t have the right size circle punch. So I used a flower punch instead. I like these so much that I think I’ll use them all of the time.


Take a piece of scrap cardstock. Color it with distress ink, watercolor, marker, whatever you have on hand. Use any color you like! I used brown because that’s what I had sitting on my desk.

Let the color dry completely. Punch a lot of little flowers (or whatever shape you like). I used this one because I didn’t have the right size circle punch, but I love these so much!

Once you have your shapes, use a regular hole punch to punch a circle in the middle of it. Punch one in your tag also (or wherever you want to apply it). Use a small amount of white glue to attach the hole protector to your tag.

Add a bit of twine or ribbon when it’s dry. Enjoy!