Tag: DIY container for washi tapes

DIY Washi Tape Storage Box from Empty Paper Towel Roll

This is a washi tape box that I made from a paper towel roll. It was a challenge in one of the crafting groups I belong to on Facebook. I made it to match the box where I keep the tags that I have made (or am in the process of making). You can see the tag box behind the washi box.

The clasp and the feet of the washi box are flat pearls glued to buttons from shirts that I upcycled into a boho curtain for my front porch.

It was a bit challenging to make this washi box because we were not given any instructions, no template, no tutorial, nothing. I had fun but it was quite challenging to figure out how I wanted to put it all together. We were asked to use a toilet paper roll, but I needed more space for my tapes so I used the paper towel roll instead.