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DIY awl for junk journals

DIY Awl for Journals & Paper Crafts

DIY awl for junk journals

I’m really into making junk journals lately, and I’ve found that I prefer the type with signatures that are sewn by hand. They just seem to hold together better, in my experience. The only thing is, you really need an awl to make the holes where you will pass the thread.

I didn’t want to buy yet another crafting tool, so I was using a big sewing needle. It works fine, but if you want to go through several layers it’s just easier if you have an awl because you don’t have to poke your finger or hand with the other end, when you go to press really hard, or if you want to wiggle it around a bit.

So I had this wooden drawer pull lying around (for years) and it didn’t match any of the drawers in this house. So… I made my own awl. I dropped some hot glue into the hole of the drawer pull, then I stuck the needle in – out – in – out a few times, while twisting it, so the hot glue would get all around the needle.

It feels like it’s in there really solid, so I don’t think it’s going to come out of there any time soon. (If it does I will just glue it back in again. LOL)

I shared this idea on some of the Facebook groups where I’m a member, and a few other people said they have made their own awls in a similar manner using wine corks or other objects. One woman said she uses a finless dart, another uses an ice pick. I really like the one I made because the flattish yet rounded handle is so comfortable in the palm of my hand.

By the way, if you choose to go this route, make sure that the needle you choose is the right one for the job. In the photo above you can probably see the difference between the two needles. The one on the left has a point that is rather blunt and then the whole length of the needle is the same diameter. The one I chose (on the right) has a sharper point and it’s tapered the whole length. I like it because I can make a bigger (or smaller) hole by inserting the needle more (or less).