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Freebie Friday: Christmas Spice Sticky Note Covers


This week’s freebie is a set of pretty Christmas covers for sticky notes (post-it notes). They’re perfect as stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts for co-workers, school teachers, dance instructors, piano teachers, etc. You could even use them as place cards at your holiday feast!

Here are a couple of photos of how mine turned out, after I cut them out and glued the sticky notes in:

Here are the papers I used to create this set:

I’ve re-opened my store at MyMemories and my Gold Christmas Word Art is a featured freebie in the newsletter (Saturday, December 16th). If you’re not on that mailing list be sure to join because there are lots of gorgeous freebies every week. The newsletter sign-up is at the top left side of the main page, in the left side column, just under the first banner (where it says Newsletter).

Click image and it will take you to MyMemories where you can download the freebie (after December 22nd it will no longer be free, but it will still be available for purchase).

Be sure you grab all of my freebies that will expire at month end. The list is here.

Freebie Friday: Decorative Elements for Advent

FREEBIE HAS EXPIRED (PRINTABLE ELEMENTS) but the milk carton templates are still available for free.

This week’s freebie is a set of printable elements you can use to decorate your Advent Milk Carton Boxes. You can download the MILK CARTON TEMPLATE here.

Freebie Friday Milk Carton Gift Box Printable Template


This week’s freebie is a printable template for making “milk carton” boxes. They’re just the right size for small gifts, candies & sweets, or use as storage for special mementos. (Download link at the bottom of this post.)

I printed mine at 100% and the assembled size is 4 and 3/8 inches high, and each of the four sides are 2.5 x 2.5 inches. (That’s approximately 11 cm high, with sides of 6.5 x 6.5 cm.) If your printer won’t do this at 100%, you can size it down a bit. Your box will be a little smaller than mine, but it should be fine.

Print the template on one side of card stock or photo paper. On the other side of the paper print your choice of patterned digital paper. Cut out (solid lines) and fold on the dotted lines. It’s fairly easy to figure out, but I’ll be making a video tutorial in the next few days, in case you run into difficulties.

Note about paper weight: I used a light weight cardstock for mine. It should be thin enough to run it through your printer yet a bit rigid so it holds up when you put things into the box. If you’ll be putting something heavy into the box, be sure to glue the bottom flaps together securely, and maybe glue a square piece of cardstock to the inside bottom, for extra support.

Milk Carton Mockup (decorating idea for Valentine’s Day, Easter or Mother’s Day)

If you don’t have a color printer, choose a pattern that looks good in black and white (or shades of grey) like I did.

The paper I used is from this set by Eva-Katerina, available at Creative Market. I’m planning to print the decorative elements in color (at my local print shop), and cut them out then attach them to my boxes.

Now let’s talk about… CHRISTMAS ADVENT BOXES

In the next few weeks I will provide you with more free printables that will help you turn a set of these milk cartons into Christmas Advent boxes.

For now, print out one of these templates and see how long it takes you to cut, fold and paste one together. Based on how long it took me to construct one box, I’m planning to set aside an entire afternoon for creating and decorating a set of 24 milk carton boxes to make my Christmas Advent set.

Once decorated, I think these would look cute hanging on the Christmas tree, don’t you? Stop by next week for freebies you can use to decorate your milk carton boxes.