Freebie Friday: Blissful Spring Mini Kit for digital scrapbooking


blissful spring mini kit for digital scrapbooking

Happy Freebie Friday! This week’s freebie is a digiscrap mini kit that includes 4 pretty lace backgrounds (textured) and 9 embellishments: 3 real flowers, 3 fabric flowers, 1 paper fan flower, 1 fabric leaf and 1 button.

Colors match the Pixelscrapper blog train for March 2018 (Love Knows No Borders).

ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD LINK AT MYMEMORIES will be free starting on Saturday (March 24th) because it’s a featured freebie for their Saturday newsletter. It will remain free until midnight Mountain Time on Friday, March 30th, and then it will remain in my store as a normal product available for purchase.

ALL of my realistic elements (PNGs with transparent backgrounds, extracted/isolated from photos) are on sale for $2 now through March 26th. This means you save up to 60% off the regular prices, and they are all CU OK (OK for commercial use).

I’m busy creating new collections in this category, so if you love “realistics” and are looking for something specific, please let me know and I will add it to my product creation list!

NOTE: the realistic flowers in the top row are still FREE!

Bundle only $7.99 at MyMemories

Bundle only $8 at TheHungryJPEG

A few of my subscribers have mentioned that they prefer to make purchases at MyMemories rather than Gumroad. I’m working on getting all of my products uploaded to MyMemories, but progress is slow and I have no control over when they will be “live” in my store. It typically takes several days (or even a full week) for a product to be approved, and there is a limit to how many they will process at the same time, so even if I upload a dozen each day they won’t all go “live” at the same time. At any rate, within the next few weeks I hope that they will all be available for you to purchase at MyMemories.

I am also in the process of creating a REAL store of my own at (up until now it has been more of a “gallery” of products with links to purchase them at various online stores, but the new store will have its own shopping cart so that I no longer have to give away 20% to 50% of my sales to someone else! I hope to launch the new store soon (possibly the week after Easter…)

I will still offer my products at the stores where I currently sell, but having a shopping cart on my own site will give me more control over the sales process and customer support. Some of the sites where I sell are doing a great job at customer support, but some of them are not, and when customers repeatedly tell me that they don’t like a certain site’s way of doing things or that they’re having difficulties downloading freebies or making purchases and can’t get anyone from “support” to help them, that REALLY bothers me! I’ll let you know when my store is ready…