DollarDigitals is now working 100% (including PayPal)

dollar digitals

I wanted to let you know that EVERYTHING is now working right, with the new shopping cart at DollarDigitals. It was already perfect with free downloads, but up until Tuesday afternoon (Pacific time) it was still not working with paid products. Everyone who tried to purchase something got a nice polite message from PayPal saying that things were not working right, so they could not complete the checkout process. I had put in a support ticket to the people who made the shopping cart plug-in on Friday and had almost given up hope that they would reply… but they finally did, and we got it all sorted out. (It was just a wrong setting in my PayPal business account…grrrr!!!)

So, if you tried to buy something and could not, it should work flawlessly now. If not, please send me an email or a message on Facebook.

A very special THANK YOU to Lisa S. who was sweet enough to keep trying to make a purchase and let me know via my Facebook Page that things were not working right. I will send her a voucher for some free products (well deserved!)

I have priced everything as low as possible, since the idea of DollarDigitals is big discounts (like a “dollar store” – things for $1 and up). Since I own DollarDigitals the only fees I have to pay are to PayPal (plus my hosting, etc. which I was already paying anyway). The other sites where I sell take a pretty big chunk of the money (some as much as 50%) so I can’t put my prices too low or I’ll have to go out of business. LOL! With Etsy there are fixed fees up front, so that’s why you’ll always see higher prices on my products at Etsy. Other stores have price minimums. I’m not allowed to go lower than $3 unless there is a sale going on, or prices must be full dollar amounts ($1, $2, $3 – not $1.25 or $1.50), or other restrictions. Yes, I will keep my stores open on those sites because they do bring me sales, but for my faithful customers like YOU, I have DollarDigitals.

So now that I have complete control over prices, my only task is to get lots of products uploaded to DollarDigitals. The new pricing idea is like this:

Paper Sets
6 papers for $1 — 8 papers for $1.25 — 10 papers for 1.50 — 12 papers for $1.75

Mini Kits starting at $1 (depends on number of items in kit)

Full Kits and other items ??? (depends on number of items, if they have vectors, PSD or TIFF with layers, etc.)

26 for $1 — 52 for $1.50 — 78+ for $2.00

If you would like to see specific products uploaded first, please let me know. Otherwise I will just add them in random order, as I’m able (between cooking, laundry, housework, and family stuff).

Thank you to all of you who created accounts at DollarDigitals! Thank you for believing in me and being so kind and supportive through this whole process. Many of you have been following me since the very beginning (we’re now in our 4th year together). So again, THANK YOU!

See you on Friday for this week’s freebie!

Best regards,
Marcy Coate

PS: if you have any problems with your downloads or need customer support, you can reply to this email.

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