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DIY Washi Tape Storage Box from Empty Paper Towel Roll

This is a washi tape box that I made from a paper towel roll. It was a challenge in one of the crafting groups I belong to on Facebook. I made it to match the box where I keep the tags that I have made (or am in the process of making). You can see the tag box behind the washi box.

The clasp and the feet of the washi box are flat pearls glued to buttons from shirts that I upcycled into a boho curtain for my front porch.

It was a bit challenging to make this washi box because we were not given any instructions, no template, no tutorial, nothing. I had fun but it was quite challenging to figure out how I wanted to put it all together. We were asked to use a toilet paper roll, but I needed more space for my tapes so I used the paper towel roll instead.

Pretty Hole Reinforcements for Tags, etc.

I wanted to make some hole protectors for my tags, but I don’t have the right size circle punch. So I used a flower punch instead. I like these so much that I think I’ll use them all of the time.


Take a piece of scrap cardstock. Color it with distress ink, watercolor, marker, whatever you have on hand. Use any color you like! I used brown because that’s what I had sitting on my desk.

Let the color dry completely. Punch a lot of little flowers (or whatever shape you like). I used this one because I didn’t have the right size circle punch, but I love these so much!

Once you have your shapes, use a regular hole punch to punch a circle in the middle of it. Punch one in your tag also (or wherever you want to apply it). Use a small amount of white glue to attach the hole protector to your tag.

Add a bit of twine or ribbon when it’s dry. Enjoy!

Freebie Friday: Gold Splatter “To Do” List printable


Now through January 20th ONLY you can get these “To Do” List printables for free! Pretty gold foil lines and title, with cream border that has lots of interesting gold paint splatters to help keep you motivated and moving forward with your goals.

Each note is approximately 5 x 7.5 inches (2 of them will fit perfectly on US Letter or A4 paper, as shown in the preview).

NOTE: These printable to do lists are for personal use only.

Weekly Planner Inserts for Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer

There’s something exciting and new in my shop at Gumroad!

These pretty weekly planner inserts (no dates – you write them in as needed) are perfect to use for appointments, to do lists, notes and more. Ten (10) beautiful borders to choose from including spring flowers, summer flowers, autumn flowers, winter snowflakes and a pretty Christmas border with holly leaves and berries.

They all come in JPG format at high resolution (300 ppi), and are ready to print on A4 or US Letter size paper. Feel free to print them smaller, if you’d like.


2017 Planner – Create Your Own!


Now that we’re in the 4th quarter, the New Year is just around the corner. It’s time to start planning your 2017 planner!

Get ready for a fantastic and successful 2017 by getting your very own personalized planner set up for exactly the way you need it! Don’t spend a lot of money for a “cookie cutter” planner that you might use for a couple of months and then get bored with it. Set up your own planner that is customized around the way YOU work and features a design style that attracts you so that you get into it every day and stick with your plan!

You can learn how to do this step by step with my class “Create Your Own Planner Essentials“.

free printable plannerIn this class I provide you with links to tons of free stuff to make your own planner such as free 2017 calendar printables. I also teach how to craft your own planner cover page, make your own planner dashboard, create your own planner dividers, and more!

Be sure to check out my Planner Essentials Blog for cool free planner downloads and my DollarDigitals website for lots of awesome digital papers and printables to make an awesome planner that’ll keep you motivated all year long.

Happy Planning! Wishing you the most successful year ever!